Business development

Since 1995, XY Europe has developed a methodology and built a business network to enhance and cultivate Europe-India trade relations: from organizing the development of sales strategies to setting up an industrial facility.

1. Map out a strategy

XY Europe’s team brings dual Indian and European perspective to prepare and provide operational guidance in order to successfully develop in a new market. In particular, XY Europe relies on a network of experts.

XY Europe carries out market surveys for large groups and SMEs in multiple sectors.

2. Initiate a business presence

Despite several unexpected parallels (28 states, more than 20 official languages, founding in the 50’s,…), the European Union and India are the results of a different social, economic and cultural heritage.

A successful approach to the Indian market therefore requires an in-depth knowledge of the country, of its social make-up, of its functioning and of its commercial and industrial practices.

XY Europe, because of its many years of close interaction within both regions, is able to structure commercial activities for companies in diverse industrial sectors.

3. Setting up an Industrial Facility

Locating part of the industrial value chain is often key to succeed.

Many large groups are envisaging, are building or are reinforcing their presence in India or in Europe. Consequently, industrial developement represents a not-to-be-missed opportunity for many long-time suppliers and sub-contractors of these large groups.

Whether alone or with a strategic partner, industrial set-up must be in harmony with the country’s local practices. However, significant cultural differences, economic practices and regulatory conditions can affect the relationship from the start (understanding each other and gauging expectations and motivations), both in the short and long terms. Our many years of experience with India and Europe allow us to bring this cross-cultural sensitivity into play in shaping your project.

XY Europe has structured a significant number of Joint Ventures and 100% subsidiaries, principally in the fields of mechanical engineering, in the vehicle industry, aerospace and defence, electronics…